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    Default Cotswolds damsel flies

    I was out shooting a triathlon in the Cotswolds on Sunday and after shooting the bikes I headed to the finish and saw a few Damsel flies about so set on trying to get one along with shooting the people running so not much chance to do it really. They move about a fair bit with landing occasionally on one of the tables near by.

    On a table with timing chips in the background

    Another on the table

    On the carpet that heads to the finish line, really nice idea a red carpet to give everyone a pinkish redish tint as they run to the finish and the sun reflects off it, anyway one in flight which I was pretty impressed with.

    Ohh yeah shot with the 300mm 2.8IS that has a minimum focus distance of 2.5m so chasing little buggers about with a big pretty heavy lens at a distance.
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    Default Re: Cotswolds damsel flies

    You did good the LJ. Especially the bonking


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