I'd forgotten I'd preordered this about a year ago [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Pre orders are starting to ship but there's sitll no info out there that makes me want to part with 300 american dollars.

It was pretty cutting edge back then but I wonder how the specs compare now. I've tried googling it several times over the months and all there seems to have been is a lot of posts on various stock trading forums which does make me wonder if the company if more concerned with their share prices rather than the actual product.

There's been a couple of basic review and unboxing videos in the last few days but still nothing of merit.

I don't own a 4k tv, yet and I'm totally happy with the tronsmart vega s89 I've had for a few months that was about 120usd delivered so in all likelihood I'm not going to gamble what is really quite a substantial amount for an android media player that may or may not be the shit.

There is a little voice inside me though that still wants this and my pre order ticket is ready and waiting