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    Default New dash Aurora 0.1a.1 - Update is now avaialble.

    This is for Jtag/glitch 360's

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    Aurora 0.1a.1 - Update is now avaialble.

    We appreciate everyone's input and reports of the different bugs a lot of you have come across. We also really appreciate the people who have put in the time to translate our project. Thanks go out to SpkLeader(PT-BR), saywaking( TR-TR and DE-DE ), Gromber (ES-ES), MatteIta (IT-IT) and Nordsudteam (FR-FR).

    We are watching the forums and have great mods who are gathering information for us, so keep watching these forums for future updates.

    Some things you can look forward to in this release:
    Translations for other languages including French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and German
    Fixed DLC Scanning Bug
    Fixed Scan Depth infinite bug
    Black screen at boot due to not having xhttp enabled in dash launch
    Focus issue in the Verify Link dialog
    Unity usernames and passwords not saving because of failed regex validation (unsupported characters not yet fixed, sorry)
    Remove 'Full Game' text from XBLA for languages other than English
    Added text field in About scene to credit the translator, for each language
    Fixed string issue in Http Username and Http Password prompts
    Fixed skin available updates not showing up correctly in about scene
    Fixed updater not properly extracting update packages
    Please post bugs in the support forum.
    Or check out #RealModScene on Efnet for support

    Current versions:
    0.1a r496 Binaries
    0.1a r496 Skin
    3.0b r801 Freestyle Plugin

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Default Re: New dash Aurora 0.1a.1 - Update is now avaialble.

    Cheers Ted.

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