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    crazy Tornado fighter jet sold for Mondeo money

    OK, more like Mercedes S-Class money but you get the picture. Just imagine having one of these bad boys parked on your driveway

    RAF Harrier and Tornado jets auctioned with no reserve

    A 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 jump jet (left) and a 1988 Panavia Tornado F3 were sold at auction

    Two ex-RAF jets put up for auction in Northamptonshire with no reserve price have gone to private buyers.

    A 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 jump-jet has been bought by a man from Essex for £105,800.
    A woman pilot who flew this type of aircraft bought the 1988 Panavia Tornado F3 for £36,800.
    Silverstone Auctions, which sold the aircraft, did not name the buyers but described the sale as a "unique opportunity" to acquire "RAF history".
    Nick Whale. the managing director of Silverstone Auctions, said: "We're very pleased that we've been able to secure such good prices for these historic fighter planes.
    "There was a fantastic atmosphere in the room and a great sense of anticipation ahead of the sale.
    "The Harrier certainly proved popular with the crowds and after some strong bidding the hammer went down to the sound of rapturous applause."
    The Harrier, which served during the Cold War and in the Falklands, is in almost flight-worthy condition and comes complete with ejector seat.

    The Tornado has carried out 3,000 hours of active service

    The Harrier was in almost perfect condition, auctioneers said

    The auction house said the Harrier was preserved in "almost time-capsule conditions" and had "serious potential for a future return to flight".

    It said this was likely to be the only time a Tornado F3 was offered for auction as the entire fleet had either been scrapped or was in museums.
    No guide prices was offered for the jets as their rarity made cost "nearly impossible to gauge", Mr Whale said
    "We've never offered anything like this before and it's a privilege to be able to offer one of, if not the finest, Harriers in the world.
    "We've sold an eclectic range of historic vehicles in the past but these really are some of the most exciting yet."

    The cockpit of the Harrier still has its ejector seat

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    Ashley (28th July 2014) 

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    Default Re: Tornado fighter jet sold for Mondeo money

    Fucking mint. Shit price IMO for the Tornado. I remember bits of them being made near me.

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    Default Re: Tornado fighter jet sold for Mondeo money

    I see an emerging market that I'm going to tap into...

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    GTI (28th July 2014), hoponbaby (28th July 2014) 

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