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    Info Guacamole

    Can't get enough of this stuff at the moment! Really fresh and zingy and pretty healthy.

    Ingredients:- 1No. Red Onion, 2No. Ripe Avocados, Bunch of fresh Coriander, 1No. Red Chilli, 1No. Large Tomato, 2No. Fresh limes, Salt.

    Method:- Half Avocados and remove stones (keep one stone to one side), Scoop out Avocado and place in mixing bowl. Finely chop Red onion and add to bowl as much as you need (probably half onion). Chop Tomato, remove seeds and chop flesh into small chunks and add to bowl. De-seed Red Chilli, chop and add to bowl. Finely chop coriander and add to bowl. Squeeze in the juice of (approx) 1 and a half limes (obviously keep tasting and adding until it's how you like it). Season with Salt and mix all ingredients together using a fork to mash the Avocado.
    Tips:- If your not serving straight away put the stone in the bowl and cover with cling film and pop into the fridge.
    For an extra zip I sometimes grate some of the lime zest into the mixture.

    Mistakes I've made using this recipe:- First time round i tried using a food processor which bruised the Avocado turning it a brown colour. First time round I also didn't De-seed chillies (I used two) and it was just too hot (I love spicy food but this just wasn't right). Also I put garlic in my first attempt but wasn't very happy with the raw garlic taste so have omitted since.

    Thanks to RSV

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