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    Good evening,

    I would like to back up my DVD's so I can play them from my external drive but store the DVD's away.

    I've never done this before so I'm looking for some guidance.

    What is the best way to rip them from the discs so it shows the films as an image what I can play instead of having multiple files.


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    i use format factory, will rip from dvd to any format you want & convert any format to another format
    it will only rip the movie, not the extras.
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    evilsatan said:

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    I use FairUse Wizard 2, I used this to batch rip my Only Fools and Horses boxset to my media server. First I ripped the discs to ISO, then loaded them into FUW2 and left my computer to batch rip them overnight.

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    Mystical_2K said:

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    i have used MakeMKV on most of my DVDs (rips all the parts to seperate files for you) - does no encoding so you are left with .mkv files with the MPG data inside them, you can then encode these to x264 using XmediaRecode or similar
    this gives me a file at the end with ALL audio tracks embedded and ALL subtitles within the MKV - great for playing back with XBMC
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    beerman said:

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    I found downloading all my DVDs again was quicker than converting them. An added bonus of this is you can upgrade them to bluray