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    Help recommend me a windows tablet

    recommend me a windows tablet
    i have android 9.7 inch Ployer momo 11 16gb mali 400 1080p, 1gb ram, which im thinking of getting rid of, not too keen on apple(the kids love the ipad)
    i use windows 920 phone that i think is great.
    looking around i see lots of windows tablets ranging from surface 1 & 2
    asus, dell & some cheap ones from china.
    any help would be great

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    Default Re: recommend me a windows tablet

    Ive got a surface RT which is OK but apps are limited. It feels nice though and is good to use. It woukd have to be cheap to justify one over a new android tablet like the new Sony one. Nokia do one as well which is good.

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    Default Re: recommend me a windows tablet

    i have dell 11 and i really dont like it - windows 8 is just poor
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    Default Re: recommend me a windows tablet

    After a couple of months of deliberation I settled with the dell venue 11 pro 5130 and find it outstanding. Thin, light, 11 inch beautiful screen and excellent battery life. Run PS on it no problem and pretty much use it as my full time PC now. There is a dock with built in battery that gives it about 11 hours charge in total and turns it almost into a netbook (if you so wish it).

    Don't know why everyone moans about windows 8, I see little difference between 7 and 8.

    The venuw pro also has i3 and i5 versions but I opted against this as they are slightly thicker and I wanted something small and light. There is also the 8-inch version but I really wanted something at least 10 inches. And after having a tablet with full windows, I would never go back to shitty old android.

    It also has an active stylus for artwork but I havent bought this as I read that the pen was mega dodgy.

    Had also considered the asus t100 as it had great reviews but apparantly a crap screen.

    Also really wanted the surface pro 2 (mainly for the wacom stylus tbh) as the surface tablets have outstanding build quality, but went with the venue as it was smaller and had better battery life.

    HP omni 10 was a contender for a while but seemed to be the worst of the 4.

    Chinese ones looked good in principle and were a fraction of the price for similar specs, but I really didn't fancy buying blind.

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