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    Default Easy Pulled Pork

    Done a bit of reading and decided to have a go at pulled pork, the prepack supermarket stuff is ok, but expensive per portion.
    So after a bit of research
    1Kg jar of Stubbs BBQ sauce honey one if possible ( no flames please its ok stuff) 36oz bottles in Costco
    1kg of pork shoulder (trimmed of some surface fat)
    Cut pork in half, place in slow cooker and pour in whole bottle of sauce.
    Depending on slow cooker, full power for 3.5 hours, then 3.5 hours on low.
    Remove pork drain and shred. Keep sauce
    Then return for and hour on low with some sauce (your choice on how much)
    Then serve in some lightly toasted ciabatta (my fave) rolls

    Thanks to stevo25

    steiff1 (18th August 2014) 

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    Default Re: Easy Pulled Pork

    I do a similar one.

    I find it a good idea after removing the meat from the sauce, to let the sauce cool as at this point it is about 50% fat that has come from the meat.
    You can then skim it off and warm the sauce up again e.t.c

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