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    XboxOne Destiny Digital Editiion 559 hk dollars (45 pounds sterling)

    To get the price above, sign in to xbox one go to settings, change to hong kong and reset. Sign in again add credit card, need hong kong address and phone number, i used grand plaza hotel and voila, very cheap game.

    Dont blame me if Micosoft ban your account, but i cant see how they can as you have paid for it legally, and would cause such bad web publicity for them. Cant believe how much we get tucked up for. Anyway hope this helps someone save a few quid, also other games cheap to.

    Thanks to hutch

    SiE (30th August 2014) 

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    Default Re: Destiny Digital Editiion 559 hk dollars (45 pounds sterling)

    From what ive read you dont get banned as long as they get paid.

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