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    Info iPhone 5c repair advice

    Got a 5c from my son who's at uni he hadn't been paying his share of the bill for months now warned him but to no avail so had the phone turned off and asked him for the phone back. When the phone turned up the screen was smashed the worst I've ever seen. He said he'd dropped it down the stairs but me and my wife think he smashed it in temper cause we blocked it. A friend of mine changed the screen bad it worked for about an hour now it's stuck in recovery mode with error9 every time we try to restore it . Is there anything that can be done to get this phone working again at minimal cost it's gonna cost me 50 a month till jan 2016 for the contract so looking to try to get it sorted as cheap as poss. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: iPhone 5c repair advice

    error 9 could be a few things, check hosts file if was jailbroken, check antivirus, check battery and dock connectors are both good also

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