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    Facebook Facebook Flash Games kicking the crap out of laptops

    I've had a few complaints from a couple of my regulars recently about Facebook and the Flash games they offer to play online and that they are almost destroying Laptops by overheating them.

    I've just logged in and joined one game inparticular that kicked the shit out of my 6 month old i5/6GB RAM/Intel HD Graphics/Asus Laptop that has been flawless the time I've had it.

    To test this, I installed SpeedFan and tested my Laptop under normal circumstances like watching YouTube videos, searching Google, scrolling erratically through large sites and my Laptop sits comfortably at around 55°C.

    As soon as this game loads and I start playing it for say 5-10 minutes, SpeedFan is jumping to around 95°C. Can anyone else confirm this is happening to them and it's not just my end.

    The game in question is Farm Heroes Saga. I'm trying to also work out if Flash is straining the CPU or the GPU. Anyone willing to quickly test this for me would be appreciated. Happening here, so I reckon it's going to be happening everywhere TBH.

    To add, this only really happens when the game is infocus, leave on an ignored tab and it seems fine, which makes me think it may be more GPU related.
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    Default Re: Facebook Flash Games kicking the crap out of laptops

    not laptop related but a guy at work has been playing a game on facebook a lot on his pc recently and i have just had to change his graphics card as it crapped out - coincidence??

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    Default Re: Facebook Flash Games kicking the crap out of laptops

    I remember my missus' laptop always had this problem and it was related to the games really not playing nice with multiple cores. I used to change the app core assignment in task manager and it would seem to fix it.

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    Default Re: Facebook Flash Games kicking the crap out of laptops

    I really wish Adobe would let everyone know why they decided to totally ruin Flash.

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    Default Re: Facebook Flash Games kicking the crap out of laptops

    Flash seems to make it easy to build games but by Christ can it give a machine a hammering. Angry Birds Friends will give my MacBook (and its battery) a pasting, not helped this year by it snowing all year round in ABF. It seems to deteriorate as well, if the game has been running for a while the framerate ends up dropping to single digits.

    We could probably go a fair way towards reducing global energy consumption by ditching Flash

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