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    Just registered, don't get online as much as I'd like, I live where there is very little or no data available (northern Canada) but here to learn and post! I'm a technologist and deal with vibration and oil analysis (my wife likes to say I'm a vibration and lube specialist, ha)... could be a boring subject for many, but even this stuff is going the way of the 'digital'!

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    Welcome to Digital Forums. Forum etiquette is quite high on the list here, like in real life you treat others with respect and you equally get it back. Contributing to the threads with good constructive posts gets you noticed for all the good reasons. with time your post count will go up and you will have full use of the forum. This has been put in place to stop Spammers,Leechers and generally 1 post users that want something for nothing, they try and get it and go.

    Digital forums has been going years and has a large fan base. some actually pay for the privilege and they get bonuses over non sub people. With time you will build up friends and likewise you will be seen here as someone that can contribute to the DF Community.
    Enjoy your stay
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