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11:02:28 AM PDT
OK and that's a wrap. We're going to play with Windows 10.

11:01:46 AM PDT
A: Probably not.

11:01:42 AM PDT
Q: Now it's Windows 10, will we see future versions named after big cats?

11:00:34 AM PDT
A: There's these different devices in the Windows world. One of the things we offer for enterprises is a mission critical level of support. Microsoft will support them for a long time. We have ways to support our products for well north of 10 years.

10:59:23 AM PDT
Q: How long will Windows 10 last?

10:59:08 AM PDT
A: We listen as carefully as what they're saying to us. Windows 10 is our effort to respond. Let's build the best darn product we can to delight these customers. That's the best competitive response we can have.

10:58:35 AM PDT
A: We've listened to the customer, what they need from us. The core, we're product people. What we do is build a product.

10:58:15 AM PDT
Q: How much of a threat does Microsoft consider Apple and Google in the enterprise?

10:58:05 AM PDT
A: Our general intent is to make this available as an update for the vast majority of devices.

10:57:47 AM PDT
A: On second Q, we're building the software to update vast majority of devices out there.

10:57:36 AM PDT
A: We're committed to keeping those apps running.

10:57:28 AM PDT
A: We're building Windows 10 to support the apps that are out there already.

10:57:18 AM PDT
Q: What happen to ARM-based Surfaces?

10:57:10 AM PDT
Q: Are you guaranteeing yet that all apps built for Windows Store will work on this?

10:56:55 AM PDT
A: We have an interesting perspective because we come originally from productivity, working on mobile. Fundamentally it feels like a problem we can solve.

10:56:24 AM PDT
A: People who use a PC, phone, tablet to work are the same humans who use PC, phone, or tablet at home to play games.

10:56:08 AM PDT
A: We definitely think we can build a user experience that's delightful to both those users.

10:55:47 AM PDT
A: We're balancing right level of freshness and stability.

10:55:36 AM PDT
A: At the other end of the spectrum, there are hospital emergency rooms and pacemakers running Windows. It would be the wrong thing (always up-to-date) on those devices.

10:55:08 AM PDT
A: We know there's people who want to live on the edge with us. They're willing and want to run on our pre-release software.

10:54:54 AM PDT
A: One of the challenges or opportunities we face with Windows is the breadth of customers.

10:54:28 AM PDT
Q: Do you feel confident you can put out a product that delights enterprise and consumers?

10:54:04 AM PDT
A: We're building it at all the same time. We don't have all the answers about how it will release right now.

10:53:48 AM PDT
Q: Is there going to be a staggered release for phones and ARM tablets?

10:53:05 AM PDT
A: It's a little bit of a journey, we'll learn.

10:52:58 AM PDT
A: We've never done this before. Hopefully you become an Insider, you'll see things you haven't seen before. There will be forums available for discussions amongst insiders, and our engineering team will be available.

10:52:26 AM PDT
Q: How are you going to handle feedback?

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10:51:20 AM PDT
A: If you look at Windows 8 users on touch devices, they have higher satisfaction than those on Windows 7 devices. Windows 7 users have higher satisfaction on mouse and keyboard devices than Windows 8.

10:50:47 AM PDT
A: We hear people saying, we have this giant problem of diverse base of mobile devices we have to manage.

10:50:19 AM PDT
A: We don't hear pushback that we don't like Live Tiles. We hear pushback about too much training.

10:50:04 AM PDT
Q: When it comes to your enterprise customers about Windows 10. How big has the push back been to get Windows away from Live Tiles, back to Windows 7 stuff?

10:49:41 AM PDT

10:48:49 AM PDT
A: Having that core common code makes developers more efficient. As long as we do the right tailoring and we feel like we're on the right track.

10:48:08 AM PDT
A: We also have a core team that builds common technology that's shared across all devices.

10:47:55 AM PDT
A: We feel pretty positive about the outcome we're gonna get, with a single design approach.

10:47:44 AM PDT
A: You're likely to be an owner of both devices. The real rub comes in the middle... convertible devices. There's a lot of magic in the devices that can be a great laptop and also flexes to be a tablet.

10:47:10 AM PDT
A (Belfiore): Part of the reason we organized the way we did, is there will be champions of every device type. It was intentional to put together the PC, tablet, phone. Similar capabilities, but at the end they differ.

10:46:38 AM PDT
A: We're building a platform that scales, from small devices all the way up to Azure.

10:46:26 AM PDT
Windows 10 will be available late next year, preview coming tomorrow

10:46:23 AM PDT
A question about the challenge of designing a platform across all the devices.

10:45:51 AM PDT
A: It will not have a desktop (next version of Windows Phone).

10:45:42 AM PDT
A (Befliore): We're trying to blend the experience across PCs, tablets. The best way to think of it, it will be a natural step forward from the Windows 8.1 model.

10:45:13 AM PDT
A: Yes.

10:45:11 AM PDT
Q: You mentioned screens ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches. Is Windows 10 the next version of the phone operating system too?

10:43:57 AM PDT
A: This product, when you see the product in your fullness I think you'll agree with us that it's a more appropriate name.

10:43:37 AM PDT
If Windows 10 is the Tesla to the Windows 7 Prius, what was Windows 8?

10:43:34 AM PDT
Q: Can you talk about the name? Seems weird going from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

10:43:23 AM PDT
A: "We want to talk about the overall product family." No news on upgrade pricing, etc.

10:42:59 AM PDT
Q: Any incentive for Windows 7 and Windows XP users to upgrade?

10:42:43 AM PDT
"After the Build conference, mid next year" for Windows 10 release.

10:42:34 AM PDT
Q&A now.

10:41:50 AM PDT
Windows 10 shipping "later in the year" in 2015.

10:41:39 AM PDT
"At our Build conference in April, we'll share more about Universal apps."

10:41:20 AM PDT
"Early next year we'll start talking much more about the consumer story."

10:41:11 AM PDT
Myerson is calling for feedback to help build it together with customers.

10:41:00 AM PDT
"We can build a product that all of our customers will love."

10:40:52 AM PDT
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10:40:45 AM PDT
"We're planning to share more than we ever have before, frankly earlier than we have before."

10:40:14 AM PDT
"We're inviting our enthusiastic fans to evaluate it with us. We know they're a vocal bunch."

10:39:57 AM PDT
Technical Preview build for servers will follow after that.

10:39:43 AM PDT
"Technical Preview build for laptops and desktops."

10:39:35 AM PDT
"Starting tomorrow we're going to launch our Windows Insider Program."

10:39:26 AM PDT
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10:39:20 AM PDT
Terry Myerson is back on stage now.

10:39:14 AM PDT
OK so the demo went really fast. We'll have a video shortly.

10:38:55 AM PDT
"We're trying to be thoughtful about a UI that goes across all devices."

10:38:26 AM PDT
So essentially this is a mode that switches based on touch and keyboard input.

10:37:55 AM PDT
Here's the Start Screen in touch.

10:37:52 AM PDT
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10:35:09 AM PDT
This is for two-in-ones to change modes.

10:35:02 AM PDT
We're about to see a design study. "We call this continuum."

10:34:49 AM PDT
"With Windows 10, we think we have a better approach."

10:34:35 AM PDT
It seems like we're going back to the Windows 7 touch days where parts of the UI are scaled up in those circumstances. That wasn't that great back then, so it'll be interesting to see if it will improve a lot in Windows 10.

10:33:52 AM PDT
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10:33:38 AM PDT
The task view is larger with buttons that are more touch friendly.

10:33:15 AM PDT
"In Windows 10, when you swipe in from the left, you get a task view."

10:33:00 AM PDT
So Microsoft is trying to keep some parts of Windows 8 alive here for touch users.

10:32:47 AM PDT
"The way we're going to evolve this touch UI, I expect that Charms bar to change."

10:32:34 AM PDT
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10:32:16 AM PDT
The Windows Charm bar is still here.

10:31:33 AM PDT
"We want to support those Windows 8 users who have touch machines and getting a lot of benefit out of them."

10:31:19 AM PDT
"We have a massive amount of users who know Windows 7 well, and Windows 8 users who know touch well. We need something that works for both."

10:30:50 AM PDT
"Let me wrap up by talking a little bit about touch."

10:30:43 AM PDT
"That gives you a look at the core experience. Not talking about cool new consumer features, that comes later."

10:30:28 AM PDT
"We want to deal with these different input methods in a way that works for everyone."

10:30:16 AM PDT
"This is... a geeky feature. I understand."

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You used to haveto trigger a context menu and hit the paste option. A lot easier now.

10:29:49 AM PDT
You can now paste in directories into command prompt with Ctrl+V. FINALLY.

10:29:20 AM PDT
Although it looks the same.

10:29:12 AM PDT
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10:29:04 AM PDT
So even the command prompt has been improved.

10:28:46 AM PDT
Uh oh, we're going into... the command prompt!

10:28:38 AM PDT
"I do it to illustrate the degree to which our enthusiastic designers have embraced the idea of productivity for the widest scale of Windows users."

10:28:17 AM PDT
"Now I'm going to demo something I've never demo'd before."

10:28:01 AM PDT
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10:27:28 AM PDT
We're talking about keyboard users now.

10:27:20 AM PDT
"Now I want to talk about the even more advanced people."

10:27:07 AM PDT
Belfiore thinks this new feature will make people more productive.

10:26:55 AM PDT
"It illustrates for Windows we have to address a breadth of users."

10:26:39 AM PDT
"You may say this is a basic feature. We don't think this is world changing."

10:26:19 AM PDT
Power users will love this stuff.

10:26:16 AM PDT
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10:26:06 AM PDT
There's a new "Snap Assist" UI at the side where you can grab apps from multiple desktops.

10:25:35 AM PDT
Belfiore is showing off the multiple desktops feature. You can switch between different desktops with multiple apps running in their own separate areas.

10:24:53 AM PDT
There's multiple desktops at the bottom of the interface, and when you launch task view it shows all the apps that are currently open.

10:24:36 AM PDT
This is basically OS X's Expose.

10:24:27 AM PDT
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10:24:13 AM PDT

"When you click task view it launches."

10:23:53 AM PDT
"Task view" is the new button on the taskbar.

10:23:45 AM PDT
"One of things we want to do in Windows 10... is empower novice users to get better at multitasking."

10:23:15 AM PDT
We're moving to multitasking demo now.

10:23:08 AM PDT
So as expected [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is focusing on the desktop here. No sign of the fullscreen apps or Start Screen yet.

10:22:55 AM PDT
"This presents a problem for two-in-one convertible devices, but I'll talk about that later."

10:22:42 AM PDT
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10:22:27 AM PDT
"We don't want that duality, we want users on PCs with mice and keyboards to have their familiar UI."

10:22:15 AM PDT
"In [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] when users launched a modern app, it sort of had a different environment."

10:21:54 AM PDT
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10:21:31 AM PDT
The traditional [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Snap View works in Windows 10 with classic and universal apps.

10:21:18 AM PDT
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10:21:01 AM PDT
Belfiore is demonstrating windowed apps now.

10:20:35 AM PDT
"As users start using these apps they should just feel familiar and work in a way you'd expect with a mouse and keyboard."

10:20:16 AM PDT
"The tiles and icons that are shown are a blend of classic apps and new universal apps."

10:20:05 AM PDT
Belfiore is talking up the Windows Store, for [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] users to get the benefit of the new apps.

10:19:33 AM PDT
Universal search from the Start Menu, and web results.

10:19:11 AM PDT
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10:19:01 AM PDT
The search experience has been improved here.

10:18:55 AM PDT
Running on 9841, for those Windows watchers out there.

10:18:47 AM PDT
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10:18:27 AM PDT
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10:17:45 AM PDT
You can resize the tiles on the Start Menu, change its size.

10:17:34 AM PDT
"Part of the... things we want Windows to be about is personalization."

10:17:18 AM PDT
"It gives the familiarity of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] with some of the elements of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]."

10:17:06 AM PDT
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10:16:41 AM PDT
"They don't have to learn any new way to drive."

10:16:36 AM PDT
"We want all these [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius... and now with Windows 10 it's like a Tesla."

10:16:06 AM PDT
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10:15:52 AM PDT
There's a me tile on the Start Menu, pinned apps and options to shutdown and restart.

10:15:28 AM PDT
"We're looking to find the balance, so that all the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] users get a familiar experience on the devices they already have."

10:15:16 AM PDT
Belfiore says we'll be able to test Windows 10 out after the event is finished.

10:14:59 AM PDT
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10:14:54 AM PDT
"I have a Windows desktop, down here I have a taskbar. When I click the Start icon I get the Start Menu."

10:14:31 AM PDT
No demonstration of music, videos, or Internet Explorer.

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10:14:07 AM PDT
"We're sort of... looking at the basics of how Windows 10 will work."

10:13:25 AM PDT
"The software you're going to see is a very early build."

10:13:11 AM PDT
Belfiore has been working on improving the tablet and PC experience.

10:13:01 AM PDT
"A lot of you know me as a guy who has worked in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]."

10:12:39 AM PDT
Joe Belfiore is coming up to demo Windows 10.

10:12:29 AM PDT
"Windows 10 is going to be our greatest enterprise platform, ever."

10:12:22 AM PDT
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is really pitching Windows 10 at businesses here.

10:12:12 AM PDT
"Windows 10 is a very novel approach of separating corporate and personal data across all devices."

10:11:41 AM PDT
"With Windows 10 our enterprise customers will be able to customize the store."

10:11:14 AM PDT
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10:10:59 AM PDT
We're getting into the enterprise side of things now.

10:10:50 AM PDT
"Windows 10 will be compatible with all the traditional management systems used today."

10:10:21 AM PDT
"They'll find all the tools they're used to finding."

10:10:14 AM PDT
"Windows 10 will be familiar for these companies."

10:10:00 AM PDT
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10:09:28 AM PDT
"Enterprises need to evaluate Windows early, and we're starting our dialogue with them today."

10:09:16 AM PDT
I think I'm still in shock it's called Windows 10.

10:09:01 AM PDT
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10:08:54 AM PDT
"One of the most important customers for Windows is the enterprise."

10:08:37 AM PDT
"Windows 10 will be our most comprehensive platform, ever."

10:08:31 AM PDT
The next version of Windows is called Windows 10

10:08:28 AM PDT
"Windows 10 will deliver the right experience... at the right time."

10:08:19 AM PDT
"One store, one way for applications to be discovered, purchased, and updated across all of these devices."

10:08:06 AM PDT
"We're delivering one application platform."

10:07:27 AM PDT
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10:07:12 AM PDT
"Windows 10 will run on the broadest types of devices ever."

10:07:05 AM PDT
It's Windows 10, no joke. Windows 10!

10:06:58 AM PDT
"It unlocks new experiences to allow customers to work play and connect."

10:06:43 AM PDT
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10:06:28 AM PDT
"That new Windows is Windows 10."

10:06:24 AM PDT
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10:06:05 AM PDT
Myerson is trolling everyone here. Ha.

10:05:55 AM PDT
"But unfortunately, Windows 1 has been done."

10:05:42 AM PDT
"Windows One"

10:05:33 AM PDT
"It wouldn't be right to call it Windows 9."

10:05:24 AM PDT
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10:05:00 AM PDT
"What should the name of the new Windows be?"

10:04:55 AM PDT
"Start with the name."

10:04:52 AM PDT
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10:04:28 AM PDT
"Our new Windows must be built from the group up for a mobile-first cloud-first world."

10:04:12 AM PDT
"Windows is at a threshold and now it's time for a new Windows."

10:04:03 AM PDT
"For one audience the world still hasn't changed, that's our developers. Still too much to do and not enough time."

10:03:52 AM PDT
"We expect our experiences to just work."

10:03:31 AM PDT
"Devices outnumber people."

10:03:27 AM PDT
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10:03:03 AM PDT
"There's about one and a half billion people using Windows today."

10:02:52 AM PDT
Out comes Terry Myerson, Windows chief.

10:02:34 AM PDT
The lights are dimming. The music has stopped. Here we go.

10:01:02 AM PDT
Looks like things are about to start.

10:00:55 AM PDT
"Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats, the presentation will begin shortly."