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    Default Samsung Galaxy S3 Constantly Rebooting

    The missus mobile phone has recently been repaired and has a brand new screen. Cost the best part of £80 3 weeks ago.

    She decided to pop into the neighbour for a cuppa this morning and her phone was dying.
    The neighbour put her phone on charge using a HTC Charger (big mistake).

    It's now in a reboot loop. The white logo appears, goes slightly dimmer, screen goes off and then repeats the cycle.
    Plugging it in to the original charger, the battery icon appears on the screen, goes slightly dimmer, screen goes off repeats the cycle.
    When it's not plugged into the charger it does absolutely nothing, like the battery is completely dead.

    Trying to get into Download mode, it gets there, then reboots.

    I cannot keep the phone on for any longer than 6 seconds.

    Reading about it, some suggest the power button being stuck down, which would make sense, but in this case. I doubt it, I think the HTC Charger has damaged it.

    Dead phone, murdered by the neighbour? Can anything be done? Is it worth changing the charge port?

    Just charged the battery to 100% and tried it in the phone. Still doing the same thing.
    It is acting as though the Power Button is stuck down permanently. I've pulled the phone apart and obviously, thats not the case.

    Can a broken or shorted pin inside the charge port be causing it?

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