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    TV Smokers & Back Yard BBQ Fans

    American Grilled up in usual places, up to episode 13 atmo
    We're traveling across America to discover the best and boldest flavors
    competitors can fire up on their grills in this ultimate,
    outdoor cooking challenge.
    From the Virginia countryside where whole hogs are a classic,
    to Maryland's Eastern Shore where blue crabs are legendary,
    host David Guas visits a different city each week where he
    serves up amazing local ingredients to test the epic backyard
    skills of America's hardcore grillers. Competitors come from
    all walks of life, including a patent attorney, a professional chef,
    an electrician and a suburban mom. Despite their differences,
    all contestants have a passion for high-heat, big meat and
    cooking over an open flame. Each episode starts with 4 competitors,
    but in the end only 1 walks away with the $10,000 cash prize and
    the bragging rights of being the killer griller
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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    5 Thanks given to WRATH OF BOD

    Ashley (4th October 2014), chris71 (4th October 2014), prezzy (3rd October 2014), rgb1 (8th October 2014), ZX7R (4th October 2014) 

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    Default Re: Smokers & Back Yard BBQ Fans

    As a self confessed "get the fuck out there and cook it" come rain or shine I appreciate bringing this programme to my attention.
    All downloaded and the weekend viewing is set.

    Thanks to rgb1

    WRATH OF BOD (8th October 2014) 

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