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    Hi peeps,

    I have a problem in that at work we use outlook 2007.

    I have my normal inbox pst file and one more I use for important info that I typically need to keep for either years or forever.

    Problem I have is that very soon they will be locking down all personal pst files for whatever reason.

    The solution I want is to transfer the emails (that are in sub files and sub sub files for organisation) to another portable email client so I can refer to them.

    Hope someone can help.

    Tried a program that converted outlook to gmail but it wouldnt work.
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    So you want an archive of your current pst or you want to run a separate mail client to store the archive and be able to add emails to it?

    Thunderbird is probably the best alternative to Outlook:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    The second option mate, I looked at Thunderbird but when I got the portable version it tried to import all my pst files rather than just the one I want, may need to re-look into that then.
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    You can tell it not to import then I think using the link I posted you can select the PST to import. Not sure how you would archive future emails, perhaps set yourself up a Gmail account in Thunderbird and forward all future emails to that address?

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] should help to export from outlook. Can output into many formats, including folder structure etc IIRC. *full* versions should be available on your fave. d/l sites.
    Once exported it can be imported into any new client.
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    I am a bit rusty with this stuff but here goes.

    You mention you have an Inbox .pst and another pst for stuff you want to retain. Are you sure you have a pst for your inhox? I would expect you to have mapi connection in either cached or non cached mode, these wouldnt create a pst. What are you try to achieve, retain access yo your sub pst file?

    your work us probably trying to stop email data becoming unmanagable, having email data in pst files on peoples computers is a bit of a nightmare as the company isnt in control of what is being stored where and cannot delete data it needs to delete.

    i think it is unlikely your IT dept will allow another email client to access the company email, i would make this their problem not yours. Tell them you work in a particular way and need to retain access to this old email, they might already be planning to rollout an archiving tool such as enterprise vault and this policy change might be linked to that.
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    I agree with tonys, it makes a lot of sense from an IT Dept's perspective to stop use of PST's.

    However IT Departments are there to make a business run better, not to throw spanners in the works.

    I would inform your IT Dept of your requirement to store emails in PST format and inform them if they remove this facility they need to provide you with some other way of getting your work done. Speak to your line manager to see if they are willing to send the email then it carries more clout.
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    Thanks for the replies I'll give them a try and report back. IT wont help as they are doing it to close down network traffic supposedly as our servers back up all pst's.