Hi There,
I bought a Hitachi 42pd7200a in 2006 when HD first came out and was working fine until the other day.

I have had sky HD and a Blu-Ray player, both HDMI, connected to a small splitter box which then connects to the 1 hdmi socket on the TV. you just press a button to which device you need.

The other day I was changing my sockets in the house and turning the electric on and off, when I finished I went to turn my tv on and the hdmi connection on my TV has stopped working. both for sky and blu-ray player. The screen is just saying "NO SYNC SIGNAL" but when I use a scart lead on AV3 is ok.
My TV, Sky, Blu-Ray player ETC is plugged in an anti-surge extension. so should have been OK

1)Has anyone had this problem before?
2)Is there a way to Factory Reset the TV with a hidden menu I can access?
3)Or has my HDMI board broken?

Any Info on this matter would be most appreciated.