Long story short. The missus sold her Seat Altea a few years back and I think she picked up the wrong manual wallet by mistake. User manual and stereo manual for my Cupra.... gone.

I am now about to sell the Cupra and need the user manuals. SEAT in Liverpool were fkin useless. No spare copies. They don't have an option on the site to download a PDF for it. I've located a PDF of the main user manual. That's available in multiple places but can I find the fkin Stereo one.. can I fk!.

So I'm putting a plee for help out to everyone. If you have a Mk2 Leon and happen to have a copy of the Stereo manual in PDF format, I'd be very very grateful for a copy (even a physical copy if you have a spare). If you don't own a Leon but have resources and knowledge on where to get hold of a copy, again, I'd be very grateful. I've searched and searched for it and the only one I can find is the new 5C model.

Thanks in advance