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    Info Some PC Game reviews…

    Some PC Game reviews…

    Well had a lot of time offshore this trip to play around with my new gaming laptop so thought I would post up some reviews of the games ive been playing. Don’t tend to see many game reviews on here so here goes…

    Dead Rising 3 – Initally I was impressed. That opening scene where you are standing on top of a car, surrounded by a sea of zombies – just graphically outstanding. Then it all seemed to go downhill, the storyline was utter shite, and as I prefer realism in my zombie genre games I couldn’t get to grips with the manufacturing system in the game. An electrified chainsaw sledgehammer? For fuck sake! A motorbike/steam roller zombie machine… hmmmmm. A lot of the game is spent running from a to b around a sea of zombies and it does tend to get boring. I do enjoy the gore element of the game, how limbs come off etc, but that’s where the fun ends. Graphically I would give it a solid 9/10, gameplay however 3/10.

    Sniper Elite 3 – I loved the first 2 games and this doesn’t disappoint. Although it can be a bit repetitious, it is strangely satisfying seeing a Nazi’s skull explode from your bullet. It just never gets old. Storyline is fantastic and graphics are excellent. They could have made the surroundings a little more atmospheric, but I guess there is only so much you can do with Africa and the desert. Solid 9/10 for gameplay/graphics.

    Sid Meier’s Civ 5 : Beyond Earth – Very similar to CIV 5, this time you take command of a colony vessel seeking to establish a new Earth. New gameplay mechanics allow your species to evolve with the local environment, or stay the same as it was on Earth, do you want to harness the local wildlife or destroy it? Each decision has consequences to how you will evolve. Found the research tree pretty complex – and spent most of my time researching stuff rather than arming myself and defending my territories, when the enemy did attack, they steamrolled over my cities in less than 3 moves – even though I was the most advanced civ in the game, so the tech tree can be a distraction. Graphics very similar to CIV 5 but still a very enjoyable game. 8/10

    Ryse Son of Rome – Although historically inaccurate (Boudica invading Rome!) – The graphics and attention to detail are second to none. They hit the nail on the head with regards to capturing the atmosphere and greatness of Rome. Storyline is fantastic and you do get attached to your character. I would have liked to see more grander, large scale battles, with perhaps legions of troops but this is just a minor issue. Combat system is excellent, and you can upgrade the methods in which you dispatch your enemies. Just fantastic 9/10

    This War of Mine – Im not a huge fan of side scrolling games, but this one I have to mention. You take charge of a group of survivors in a besieged city. The game shifts away from war and more on survival. You have to scavenge various locations, searching for food, meds, parts, weapons, wood, fuel and other things to make your existence worthwhile. You will encounter other survivors, which you can choose to trade with, murder or ignore. Choose your decision carefully however, as once when I murdered an old couple in their house for some food, when i got back to base – my survivor hung himself out of guilt. This game really brings home the atmosphere and mood of war. I only managed to survive for 21 days, as this game is very hard, but also very enjoyable! Solid 10/10 from me.

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