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    Default TalkTalk's Diabolical Customer Services

    Google's Spider
    Please Index the fuck out of this Post and let the rest of the world finally realise how fucking useless TalkTalk really is!

    I've let this slide for a long while, but today it has come to a head.

    I was at a customers house today after he had complained that his computer was performing remarkably slow.
    I show up and have a look. His PC is running perfect and it was his internet connection.

    Every page - even Google is taking at least 30 seconds to load.

    I test the speed, and it's consistantly @ 0.21Mbps according to Ookla's Speedtest.

    So I call TalkTalk... I know, I know. Here we go.
    Incredibly, they answer within a couple of minutes with the usual, up beat offer of assistance. Great!

    So I explain that I work as a Freelance Techy and the entire situation starts to unfold. He asks me to plug the router into the Master Socket while he fucks with settings his end... Cool.

    Long story short, it took him almost an hour and half to explain that there was no fault with the line, nothing they could see and the router was functioning perfectly.
    I ask for an Engineer appointment for someone to come and fix it... to be told he is not authorised to send an engineer to repair the issue.

    By this time, my rag was going and I started getting shitty with him. But trying at the same time to stay Politically Correct!

    The end of the phone call came when he asked if there was anything else he could help me with... FUCK ME - BOTH BARRELS.

    Really??! You want to help me? I thought that was your job and the whole purpose of my phone call.
    I calmly explained that the entire TalkTalk outfit are a useless waste of energy, man power and resources and I had no idea what they were thinking employing such useless customer service representatives.

    TalkTalk in the not too distant future, as soon as people realise they are cheap for a reason, will fold and I for one will be pleased.

    This particular customer has there entire TalkTalk package and his Internet is required for his TV Box to work correctly.
    I cannot believe how fucking incompetent they are in sorting out minor faults and then palm you off with excuse after excuse.

    After I get off the phone, my customer explained he had a marketing call from TalkTalk 3 weeks ago to try and pressure him into taking Fibre. Which he really doesn't need.
    Since then, the internet has been really, really slow. Coincidence? I doubt it very much. WANKERS!!
    /RANT OVER/ (For now).
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    Default Re: TalkTalk's Diabolical Customer Services

    Sorry mate but it's pretty obvious he does need fibre. Like all of us. It's good for you honest!

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    Default Re: TalkTalk's Diabolical Customer Services

    Seriously, your story is absolutely nothing compared to my Talk Talk experience and mine was about 4 years ago. Chances of bad press having any effect seem slim.

    They slipped into my facebook endorsed spam for a while and fuck me, every one of their bi weekly ads was just a torrent of complaints with some poor spanner at talktalk trying to defuse the situation. Never before has 'pissing in the wind' being more relevant.
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    Default Re: TalkTalk's Diabolical Customer Services

    I'm now on my fourth router since March. Even then, only because I found an old one. Having spent a total of 7 hours on their "helpline" and almost performed circus tricks I am no better off now. MY last conversation with them ended with them telling me I needed to get an engineers appointment, at a cost of £50 to me. I should now explain that each of the previous routers died. Just completely stopped functioning.
    Without a shadow of a doubt, they are the worst customer service I have ever encountered, and I was with Orange for a year! I don't care where somebody is, what their nationality is but if they barely understand basic English words then they are not suited for customer service in English. To repeatedly be told to do the same "checks" which confirm fuck all, and then to be told "if you're not prepared to perform my diagnostic check then I cannot help you" after all those hours, is frankly taking the piss. I look forward to them going bust.

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    Default Re: TalkTalk's Diabolical Customer Services

    yep, had exactly the same experience trying to cancel my sons mobile PAYG contract after they allowed him to rack up a £250 bill in 2 months ( despite it supposedly having a £10 cap).

    I had to go through 4 depts to get it sorted. they all sound like they are working outside on a main road in Mumbai. They delay on the line is terrible too.

    When i have customers calling me up and they mention talk talk, my heart sinks.
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