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    Info Humax YouView any good?

    looking at buying a Humax DTR-T2100 for my parents for Christmas. They currently have a Panasonic PVR but it is pants for viewing iPlayer.

    What looks appealing is the guide set-up where you can scroll back 7 days and chose something to watch, which for ease of use should be good even with my grandad who is 86 and living there too. It will be wired into the router which gives about 7-8mb.

    Does anyone recommend YouView? Is there a 'best STB' to go for or one to avoid. Will there be a lag in remote pressing or slow menu's? I had a fair few hassle free years with a Foxsat box but haven't experienced freeview myself. Many thanks
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    Menu speed isn't great to be honest on my box. In terms of ease of use though the historic EPG with links straight to "on demand" programmes works well. Series link works but isn't as well policed as on Sky (i.e. repeats are often recorded as part of the sequence). No fault of the box though, that's just poor management by the channels!

    7-8mb is more than enough - I'm getting around 3mb and iplayer once buffered up runs fine with quality good enough for a large TV (not HD but good bitrate SD). HD just about works as long as you don't do anything else on the web!

    Just to add - my Youview is an older model and they do claim the new boxes are quicker.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Usually the newer the box the faster they'll be. Hopefully someone can confirm this before I commit. It's quite annoying having lag on channel changing or waiting for a menu to pop up
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    I have used a youview box and no complaints come to mind, I have the HDR Fox and am happy with that and got ,y nan a Foxsat and also happy with that.

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    just been given talk talk DN360T, brand new in the box, great epg, no PVR but worked strait out the box connecyed to virmin.
    HD chanels work fine.
    anything els i can add to it, it has 2 usb ports that are not active yet, is there a firmware upgrade for it?