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    Default Goodbye

    thank you

    Yes 10 post are too much

    Quote Originally Posted by WRATH OF BOD View Post
    This Is everything BOBYWEB Has posted in this thread
    epic post count
    1 I'm trying to download the program.
    2 But you can ask me to write 10 posts
    3 But not write to reach ten messages
    4 So I try to write 10 posts to download the program
    5 In this case , it seems excessive to view 10 posts links
    6 But if you write are written and ready
    7 Now I 'm on the sixth , and see if it is true that with the tenth links are . I hope so .
    8 Now we go for Sunday , the seventh day of the week. Curiously these systems .
    9 One plus two is three three more are are 6 and two arrived at eight messages.
    10 is the penultimate message to download the tools bss .
    11 and this is the last post . Hopefully this is true and can download it. Thanks for your patience .
    So we need to complete all post asking something!

    Quote Originally Posted by jo900 View Post
    Hey there just signed up to this website, looking forward to taking part
    same to me!

    but we need it to see some hidden content

    Yes we can help in some treads

    Quote Originally Posted by lancsc View Post
    Hi all i joined the site years ago, my password was 10,000 days old lol, i got into all this back when Ondigital came out! well been living out of the country. married/divorced etc... life goes on... well i'm back!

    i've managed to loging, change password etc... but looking at my profile, it says i can't.

    if any mod reads this, i dunno if my account needs resetting/unbarring whatever, please can u do it?

    i'm here mainly for info on skyboxes, i dunno what i can contribute, i'm more hardware based, so i defo need my hand holding till i catch up,

    i don't do anything for profit now, i'm out of that rat race! so don't be thinking i'm trying to start my own little business by ripping anyone off... i had my own business once, pharmaceutical consultancy.... i don't want another

    i currently repair electronic items phones/tv/kids scooters/toys in manchester region.. having been trained in electronics in the army, and worked in many areas chemical/nuclear/pharma in programming/service/administration/consultancy, i'll help anyone that needs it


    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey View Post
    just banned the fking spammer

    Need to read a lot and start to learn many things and get uploaded

    Who can made this? any recommendation?

    Last edited by Mickey; 15th December 2014 at 06:40 PM.

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