Trx - anyone use it?

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    So decided to try lose some of the lard and got a personal trainer back in August. Last couple of months he's been bringing along his trx (basically an extendable/shortenable set of straps with handles that you hang from a point) to the gym.

    You can work almost any muscle group (all weight resistance based by how your stance is), now I kinda like it as it packs up to about the size of a grapefruit and you can hang it from anything e.g. a tree branch so get a workout almost anywhere. The negatives I see are you can't exactly repeat the weight, you might know you're going up/improving, isolating the muscle groups you're aiming for needs to be done with quite precise movements.

    Anyway, just curious if anyone else has used this/has any thoughts?
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    Yes I use it. I have the straps about a foot off the floor and put my feet through them. Then I do a push up and bring my knees into my chest, whilst twisting to one side and then repeat on the other side, great for the abbs.
    TAR seems to be a decent bloke!
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    Loads of different exercises you can do, instructional did or online will show you an exercise for as far as I can see pretty much anything. Mainly using it with hands for triceps and back.
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    I usually use them after a weight session to focus on my core.

    There are a few videos on youtube, one I have followed is this one

    The guy is a total tool like, but the TRX workouts work