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    Default Questions on the rules and posting links

    Hello again,

    Okay, this may sound very dumb, but I've been meaning to find out how can I post links: should they be coded or not? They are not warez links or anything, just wanted to share links to a few free programs that I use and find very useful, but noticed they aren't posted in the Freeware list topic. I can post only program names, but it would be nice to ease up the process for other people and post links too.

    I want to see the general rules which I couldn't be able to find nor via searching or in the general sections. I need "The Official Digital Forums Rules & Policy" mentioned in this topic: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] but since I can't see the link for now, I can't access the rules topic.

    I've been reading the general rules in the PC Software forum but there's no mention of coding links or how to post links, so I assumed that rule must be in the general posting guidelines, of course. I looked in the FAQ and couldn't find info about coding links.

    I read somewhere that I should ask the staff if I am unsure about something, but I can't use the PM yet so I can't ask anyone.

    That's why I am using this way of asking. And yes, I searched before posting, but imagine that by using different search parameters, I can't still find a satisfactory solution to my problem. I'm finding 300 topics that contain "coding links" and I bet 99.99% of them might not answer my question.

    Enough ranting, my questions are:
    1. Could I please be directed to the topic with general rules?
    Not the link to it, as I can't see it. Just please tell me where is the topic located.
    2. Should links be coded or not?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Questions on the rules and posting links

    Your best plan is NOT to post links, it's unlikely that folks here will not have seen them before and while they might not be warez we don't want to have to be checking links from people we don't really know looking for affiliate links etc.. Just take your time, join in where you can, as to rules? each section has them, read when required.
    If at first you don't succeed.....redefine success. . . .

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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