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    Tech Withings Smart Body Analyser

    Hi All

    Got one of these yesterday as we needed some new scales, and I got them half price.

    So set them up and had a go last night, connected to phone via bluetooth straight away then hooked it up to my WiFi via the app. All pretty seamless and the app for iOS is nice.
    It took a few attempts for it to take my fat mass and bmi, but it did it eventually.

    Woke up this morning and again stepped on the scales, it took 3-4 attempts to recognise who was standing on it, however the variation of weight was massive.

    I went from 14.9st at 10pm to 13.35st over night (10:09am), my fat mass went from 36.3% to 29.0% and my BMI went from 31.1 to 28.1

    Now I'm no expert on these things, but there is no way I have lost over a stone over night? I haven't even taken a shit this morning yet! However the change in weight will explain why the device could not distinguish who was standing on the scales

    Im guessing that it may take a few days to get my fat mass and bmi but the thing should be able to weigh me correctly?

    Anyone else got these scales, how are you finding them?


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    You have got them on a hard surface haven't you?