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    Help Calling on all Crystal Palace and Tottenham fans attending the game on Saturday.

    Good afternoon everyone, I have a little request which I hope some users can help with.

    Back story:
    New years Day a friend of mines older brother goes missing and is later found dead 5 days later. His name was Brad Arthur and the search for his body / him took over the whole local community of Thurrock and afar who helped spread the word and help to bring him back home.
    Brad was a big Tottenham fan and someone suggested a one minutes applause on the 24th minute of the game (5:54pm) in honour of his age.

    I have knocked up a basic flyer which we will be printing up and distributing online and in the area before the match to help get some momentum behind it and give him a send off from fans on both sides.

    It has been embraced by the unofficial fan clubs of both sides and so hopefully with DF's users we can ensure its out there a bit more.

    I've attached the flyers for A4 and 1:1 ratio image if anyone would like to aid in spreading the word for #RIPBradArthur

    Thank you for your help in advance

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    Default Re: Calling on all Crystal Palace and Tottenham fans attending the game on Saturday.

    I can't help, but I wish you every success. 24 is absolutely no age.

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