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    Default Miele washing machine

    Hi I got a Miele w3722 washing machine which has started pi55ing water out of the dispenser drawer. I have cleaned all the gunk out of the drawer and the inlet holes and it seems to of got worse as its started pi55ing out when filling up now. Could this be a blocked dispenser hose or something else. There are no fault codes coming on display by the way.

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    Default Re: Miele washing machine


    How long have you had it?

    What I have learned with owning Miele is that they are expensive and difficult to fix..

    We inherited a Miele washer and dryer when we moved house, both had the 10 year Miele Guarantee and were about 8 years old, however it is none transferable.
    First the Dryer would not pump the water, then the washer just started to not clean the clothes right.

    We called out the engineer (at a cost of £60 I think) who told us that if we had signed up for the extended warranty which was about £200 then he could have fixed it. But because I had already called him out it was going to be nearly £300 ontop of the £60 paid..

    In the end we sold them both on eBay as spars/repair and got about £250! That paid for a new pair of machines which are not going to last as long but it was a cheaper solution.

    I know it does not help right now but I found when I was trying to get help with the dryer that people either don't know or Miele don't want you to know how to fix them.

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