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    Default Diablo III (ROS) New Patch

    Anyone still play this

    The new patch has made the game for casuals. All the Hardcore players that have spent months/years finding their gear now are pretty pissed off. All my BIS gear will soon be useless as I find newer and better copies of the same Legendary stuff.

    Bad move from Bli$$ard. Instead of fixing the core issues to the main game they just go the lazy way and try and fix this game with a band aid. It wont last.

    To make it worse they have double goblin runs now so you spend 2 minutes killing the little critters and 20 minutes cleaning up the floor. I did a video if anyone wants to view. I finally find my Witch docs weapon. Before patch this would have been awesome. Now its pretty much trash. Still its a start I guess


    Uploaded in about an hour from this post
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    Default Re: Diablo III (ROS) New Patch

    Not played it since WoD hit. Looks like I won't be now for some time.

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