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Thread: MAME PC idea

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    Default MAME PC idea

    Hi guys.
    Been having a clear out of my man cupboard and since my server, streaming and all other tech is working well just now (touching wood nervously) in after another project.

    What I'm thinking of trying is I found an Acer revo 3600 I used for an XBMC HTPC for a while and as it's no longer used I was going to stick MAME on it and use it for a MAME PC.
    Before I go and start about it do any of you have any advice for me?
    It should work pretty well I'm sure as I remember MAME running on original Xbox and that processor wasn't anywhere near as strong as the atom in the revo.

    Any advice or info would be great fully received



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    Default Re: MAME PC idea

    You can install mame under xbmc i think, depends what you are going for. Theres tons of front ends for mame from the very basic winmame to hyperspin which has gigs of additional media making it super flashy but also very time consuming to set up
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