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    Default Backup / Restore TomTom Android Settings & Favourites

    Found this tool on another forum & hopefully I have made an easy enough guide for you to follow.

    1. Download TT-Android-BackUp-Restore.rar (5,46 MB)

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    2. Extract to PC

    3. Enable USB Debugging in phone (Settings - Developer options - Tab USB debugging ).

    To get this to work on my Galaxy S4 & on my Tab 3 - go to 'Settings' - 'More' - 'About Device' - scroll down to - 'Build Number' & tap on Build Number @ 7 times, or until you see a message saying 'Developer mode has been enabled'. Now go back & select - 'More' - Under Developer options, tap

    'USB Debugging' - & then tap - OK.

    4. Connect your device to PC by USB.

    5. Run BackUp-Restore.bat file from the extracted folder on your PC. Accept it on phone when asked.

    If you are using a different map to the ukireland map you will first have to edit the BackUp-Restore.bat file.

    Edit line 3 to your own package, this copy is set to - com.tomtom.ukireland

    To edit the BackUp-Restore.bat file - Right mouse click on it and the select EDIT option.

    The first 3 lines are as currently as follows (second line is blank) :-

    @echo off

    SET AREA=ukireland

    so just change ukireland to the same name as on your 'com.tomtom.*********' folder

    @echo off

    SET AREA=*********

    You might have to run this tool a couple of times.
    After using it you should have a folder named '~TTdata' inside the folder named 'TT-Android-BackUp-Restore'. Inside the ~TTdata folder will be a file named 'TTdata' (.AB file). I used it to successfully copy my Settings & Favourites from my S4 to my Tab3.

    Thanks to pietu for this tool.

    [Edit] - Unsuccessful in trying to copy from Tab3 to S4
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