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    Info Where to go for newbies

    Hi... I'm new as you can tell . I'm curious if you can suggest where newbies should check out to read about this forum and its rules. I'm trying to learn the basic general stuff towards this forum ... I already notice a few mistakes I have done in posting in the wrong room and and I also needed to edit one post, so I'm just trying to get the feel of this place were by I don't screw up to much ... Is there a thread for this ? Thanks

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    Default Re: Where to go for newbies

    Best course of action is to lurk in the sections you're interested in and chip in when you can.

    You won't be able to edit your posts until you reach a certain postcount, however, spamming the forums with inane comments won't achieve this.

    Take your time, enjoy yourself, and welcome.

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