Hi there knowledgeable types!

I'm a new driver, and picked up a cheap satnav to help with a couple of up coming long drives.

Its an RAC 515F (which has route 66 software onit, with a 2009 map).

I looked into updating the map, but it would cost more than the device!

As an alternative before I shell out for a newer satnav, I bought a 2gig micro SD card for it and would like to change its software.

I fount this guide:
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For doing similar to what I want on an older version of my device.

Essentially, I have very limited knowledge, I need up to date (or up to date-ish) UK map on my device, i don't mind which operating system!

Please can you help!

It has:
Windows CE core 5.0, micro sd slot, usb slot.