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    Help Politics and Voting...

    Having never voted, I think its high time I do this year - but I know fuck all about politics and the parties and whats what. Does anyone know of a guide that explains it all etc? (apart from the fact they are apprently all a bunch of lying cunts)

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    Default Re: Politics and Voting...

    This might help a bit

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    Default Re: Politics and Voting...

    I've never voted, now 44 yrs old.
    No matter who you vote in they all talk the talk promise the world, more so coming to a major election.
    UKIP are a fucking joke, and imho if you vote them you best have a exist plan for another country cos if they ever got "in" the country would be fucked with 3 months.

    I don't and haven't voted since being able to, so really cannot have a say on current or past politics except I have an unbiased opinion on them all, that being they are all fucking corrupt wankers just to different degree's.

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    Default Re: Politics and Voting...

    I think that diagram is unfair to UKIP, (No I'm not a UKIPer) All the top parties are as bad as each other, they look after the interests of the few not the many, it doesn't matter if you vote UKIP, Labour or The ConDems you will still end up with politicians who wont deliver what they promised other than if that promise was to punish benefit claimants and the working class and to cause class warfare among those same 2 classes, this helps to hide what the rich get up to i.e, tax cuts for rich, abuse scandals, expense claims and the latest "Scandal" Billions of tax evasion and avoidance known about since 2007, nah fuck that, they have always known about it just this time WE found out!

    Just look at Greece, Syriza promised this that and the other and then bish bash bosh forget everything they said and went against what the majority voted for!

    Its all a fucking load of bullshit don't let anyone tell you different, when you go to vote for the first time just put a big fat X through it and a little statement saying you all a bunch of cocksucking corrupt fucks!

    Just my thoughts

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    Default Re: Politics and Voting...

    UKIP are never going to get a majority. So.... I don't fear them at all. The only voters they will get will be the loony right of the Tory portion of voters. I am happy for them to start eating into the other parties seats. My ideal scenario is that all the parties get an equal share of votes.... And hope that anarchy follows.

    Personally... I can't vote for any of the cunts. I voted Boris for London Mayor the first time, just to stop Ken from winning. I won't be doing that again. It makes no difference who is in charge they are all detached from reality, public school wankers.

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