I got one of these recently and am quite impressed with the phone for the price. They seem to only be available at Argos for £149.99 which I thought was strange.

The only snag is I have 2 SIMS, hence purchasing this phone. A new Vodafone contract SIM with unlimited minutes and loads of data, and my old 3 pay as you go number. The idea is not to put any more money in the 3 SIM but still be able to receive calls on it.

Problem is if I set the phone to use mobile data on the Vodafone SIM rather than the 3 SIM, the 3 SIM can no longer get any network at all. Tried swapping the SIMs round and tried updating phone to KitKat but had no joy.

I'm convinced it's a firmware problem because if I only use the Vodafone SIM it works fine, and indeed it works fine with both SIMs if using data on 3. The 3 SIM works perfectly on it's own. So it can't be a SIM problem, or SIM card holder, it must be the phone.

Anyone got any ideas, as I'm sure I can get Argos to swap it but it will be pointless as I doubt the problem will be fixed.