Right, me and the missus have had a shit time of it lately and looking for a business venture. We have previously run a cafe and there is a cafe in my town that is up for sale which has been operating for a few years and make a healthy profit.

We've crunched the numbers and put together a business plan but noone will lend us the £50k due to the fact I already have a couple of large personal loans and the missus has a CCJ.

I have a well paid full time job and this seems like it's a no brainer.

We've tried tapping family and friends to no avail.

Problem is we wouldn't be a startup so we can't apply for a lot of funding backed by the government and because we don't own the company we can't get a business loan (Our credit score would probably knock that out anyway).

Still waiting to hear back from my bank to discuss options but wondered if anyone here has any suggestions.