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    free Winner Bingo £60 free bets *No Risk*

    Join winner bingo via quidco

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Deposit £10 and you will be given a £60 bonus.

    You have to buy £60 of bingo tickets before you can withdraw, there is also a minimum withdrawal limit of £20* so you need to have at least this amount left over once the wagering requirement is complete.

    For this reason I suggest you play games with high priced tickets and bigger wins in the hope that you can make a large enough sum to lower the variance to complete the playthrough by buying lots of low value (lower risk) bets.

    If all goes shits up you will at least get your £10 bet back from quidco cashback.

    *Actually you might be able to withdraw less than £20 using a different payment system than card but if you want to withdraw in any way other than the initial deposit option they will put you through the ringer to make sure you're not laundering.
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    Default Re: Winner Bingo £60 free bets *No Risk*

    down to £20 and won feck all so far!

    Down to £6 and nothing so far...........

    £60 burned through and nothing.
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    Default Re: Winner Bingo £60 free bets *No Risk*

    Won £17 on first game but then the lot went. Oh well wait for the quidco to pay back the initial amount.

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