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    Photos Absorbing is this Orb thing...

    Sorry - terrible play on words!

    Not in an easy place to photograph by the end - this Walnut Orb spider is upside down to us, on the underside of the bar that crosses the fence, and it's behind the wheelie bins which I didn't risk moving for fear of her going into the space behind the wood.

    It meant shoving the tripod legs behind them bins, positioning it and focusing in the dark at f/2.8 (this was the only shot I managed) and opening up to something else (dunno if I got past f/8 or f/11 tbh) and the one flash of light was enough for her, as 2 seconds later, she did scoot out of view.

    It may be the same female that has been living on my bird table for the last 3 years - or it could be another, seeing as the fence panel here is about 10 feet away from the bird table.

    First shot is the spider on a couple of web strands - this is the "fail" shot.

    2nd one is the place where she came to rest after scooting for cover, before hiding completely.

    3rd on is what can be done if you play around a bit with crops, composition, and a lens capable of holding some good quality (despite my random processing skills!)


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