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    Default Power settings for N54l WHS2011

    hi guys

    My n54L or WHS2011 keeps seeming to sleep or turn the disks off and therefore i lose connection to Plex server amongst others. I've looked at power settings and think the disk has been set to turn off after an hour but then I thought a bit more about the other settings for power saving.

    I've seen the app called Lights out and wondered if others used this at all. Ideally i'd like my server to power down when not in use but be woken when pc's are backing up, Plex is requested by a device or when couch potato needs to do a search ( i only ask it to so so once a day)

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Power settings for N54l WHS2011

    Are they WD green disks? If they are this is by design (they are green after all). You can get turn off the spin down with a tool called wdidle3. Not sure if other manufacturers have a similar tool to control spin down times.

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