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    BBC News World Cup: Clubs to receive £142m for releasing players

    Clubs will be
    paid a total of £142m for releasing their players for each of the next two World
    Cups, Fifa announces.

    The deal covers the 2018 World Cup in Russia and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] four years later.

    The agreement, which aims for stronger integration between international and
    club football, is a significant increase on the current deal of £47m.

    The player release deal was first established before the 2010 World Cup in
    South Africa.

    According to the world governing body, the agreement aims to "further enhance
    consideration of club football interests at Fifa level".

    "The agreement puts the emphasis on fundamental principles such as the
    promotion of training and player development as well as the sporting integrity
    of the competitions, in the interests of the game and its appeal to the public,"
    adds Fifa.

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    Default Re: World Cup: Clubs to receive £142m for releasing players

    I'd tell them to go F themselves

    Boycott is the only way to educate FIFA

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