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    Photos Beneath the Alien...

    Well, not really an alien...

    It's a drain fly or a moth fly, whichever you might call it.

    Anyway - it might look a bit like outer space in brown, but that is actually marks on the outside of the double glazed window in the back door - and I cloned a few of the biggest ones out!!!

    In the original, the fly was facing downwards, but I rotated it and pointed it to the right to give better composition.

    This is 2 images stacked, although I took 5, but adding in any of the other three created more artefacts that detracted from the finished stacking process.

    The Venus lens was set at f/5.6 in AV mode, and held against the double glazed window glass, with a 31mm extension tube and 1.4x TC.

    Exif: f/5.6, 0.6sec, ISO 160.

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