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    Film First Look At Walking Dead Spin-Off

    As Walking Dead creator and exec-producer Robert Kirkman revealed on Twitter, the show’s planned spin-off now has a name – Fear The Walking Dead – and it now has a first teaser too. This trailer aired during The Walking Dead's season five climax this past Sunday in the US.

    A mere morsel it may be, but AMC’s first look gives a sense of the mood the spin-off show will be angling for: the cheery obliviousness of daily LA life, gradually replaced by gnawing anxiety of an unspecified contagion, and then, presumably, actual gnawing by a horde of the freshly undead.

    Fear The Walking Dead will take to the small screen in America over the summer months, with a second season already commissioned. With the confidence that comes from a vastly successful TV property (the most recent mid-season premiere was watched by 15.6 million), AMC will have high hopes that an origin story of the zombie apocalypse will hit big with audiences.

    Vancouver will stand in for Los Angeles for the shoot, with Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane and Alycia Debnam-Carey all aboard. They’ll appear as an unorthodox family trying to negotiation their domestic dramas as the world spins out of control around them.

    IT'S OFFICIAL! The walking dead companion show on AMC is called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD! Expect more news very soon! #FearTheWalkingDead

    — Robert Kirkman (@RobertKirkman) March 27, 2015
    For much more on the show and a movie career spanning from Day Of The Dead to Predator to Lone Survivor, check back later this week for an Empire podcast natter with the show's make-up maestro, sometime director and ex-producer Greg Nicotero.

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    Default Re: First Look At Walking Dead Spin-Off

    I'm a massive fan of the walking dead so i hope this turns out to be as good
    Sadly spin-offs seem to fail rather quick
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    Default Re: First Look At Walking Dead Spin-Off

    Quote Originally Posted by Teajunkie View Post
    Sadly spin-offs seem to fail rather quick
    I'll settle for it being good even if it's not as good as the main show, Fraser was good but not as good as cheers but was still successful.

    Better call Saul is OK atm so there is hope for spinoff shows.

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