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    Default NSA shooting: One dead after car rams security gate

    One person is dead and at least one other is severely injured after a shooting at a gate to the US National Security Agency headquarters.

    An unnamed official told the Associated Press that gunfire broke out after a car tried to ram the gate to the sprawling military campus near Washington DC.

    Aerial footage showed a police vehicle and another car with extensive damage.

    Two people were taken to hospital, an army spokesperson told the BBC.

    "We do not believe it is related to terrorism," FBI Baltimore spokeswoman Amy Thoreson told the BBC. FBI investigators have been dispatched to the scene, where they are interviewing witnesses.

    Fuller details are not immediately available, and multiple requests for information sent to the NSA have not yet been returned. Calls to the NSA were answered, but no information was provided. Calls to spokespersons for the Army were not picked up.

    Helicopter footage showed two cars - one a police vehicle and the other a black vehicle with no insignia - in a junction that had been roped off near the security gates leading to the NSA.

    The cars appear to have collided and debris is strewn across the intersection. A white cloth appears to cover something beside the black vehicle.

    Several police agencies are at the scene

    The large Fort Meade campus, located in the suburbs of Washington, is home to about 40,000 military and civilian personnel, plus many members of employees' family.

    The facility houses the US Cyber Command, the US Defense Information School, in addition to the NSA.

    The NSA is a clandestine intelligence agency, charged with collecting and analysing electronic signals for US intelligence and counterintelligence purposes. The agency rose to prominence after Edward Snowden leaked thousands of the agency's documents in the Spring of 2013.

    Local emergency responders say that the NSA police force is handling the incident, and local agencies are providing support.

    Early this month the FBI arrested a man for firing shots that damaged the building from a nearby highway.

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    Default Re: NSA shooting: One dead after car rams security gate

    It's either a nutjob with a mullet or a qur'an.

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    Default Re: NSA shooting: One dead after car rams security gate

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
    It's either a nutjob with a mullet or a qur'an.
    or both! double bubble!

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