Options. Always welcome. Microsoft is keen on including an absolute array of options in Windows 10 for Phones when the new mobile operating system launches later this year.

And a good portion of them are reserved for customizing the Live Tiles in the OS.

As this leak reveals, tiles on Windows 10 for Phones will probably be highly customizable, and these new background transparency options might actually be present in the next preview build of the operating system when it launches in the coming day.

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Three are included — opaque, semi-transparent and fully transparent.

Selecting the opaque option will result in a chosen background image be applied to the Live Tiles, and they will not actually show the underlying potion of the home screen. Choosing either of the transparent options results in selection of an individual color.

No idea of just how deep a choice Microsoft will give users here, from selecting the color to adjusting the level of transparency.

But then again, adding in a few presets while allowing full customization control here is the last Microsoft can do for users that want to personalize their phones like this.

We’ll file this as a rumor for now, albeit one that looks mighty plausible from the look of things.