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    microsoft Download Windows 10 Build 10049 - Now Includes Spartan!

    Microsoft has released yet another Windows 10 build.

    This time it’s version 10049 and in this build we have what we have all be waiting for.

    In this release Spartan has finally arrived. Microsoft is saying that Spartan is the main feature change between this build and the last one.

    To upgrade to the new build, follow the steps below in your build of Windows 10.

    • Click on the start menu and in the search box type ‘Windows Update’
    • Chose ‘Windows Update Settings’
    • In the left panel click ‘Preview Builds’
    • Click on the ‘Check’ now
    • Download the new build

    After the build downloads, your machine should begin to install 10049.
    We’ll take a detailed look at Spartan in the next few days.

    Thanks to Raptor

    reverend (31st March 2015) 

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