Wow I know we wanted to be on the fast ring but holy cow!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Microsoft tried to tell us that being on the bleeding edge of Windows 10 testing was hardcore but man, this was no joke!

Windows 10 Build 10049 is out and it comes with quite a few new features.

I've installed ALL of the Windows 10 Insider builds with very little fuss. The only complaints I have had about previous builds was the crappy graphics (trashcan anyone?).

This has been the most unstable build Microsoft has pushed out yet.

The install was long (took over 4 hours) and it crapped out when it was download and installing the update several times.

The error message that showed up when it crapped out was:

fbl_impressive 10049 Professional – Error 0x80072af9
Then it finally installed and put two new folders on my desktop which I have never seen before.

They were Korea Media Player Center and Korea Messenger Center.

A quick Google search for “Korea Messenger Center” shows that this is a known Microsoft issue that shows up sometimes when extra language packs are installed.

Pretty funny, they just showed up there, like magic.

When you opened up the folders, here’s what you see.

and this one…


And then Spartan kept freezing up and crashing on me.

Anyway, it’s beta software so I can’t really complain too much but you guys should be aware, you probably want to catch the next version and skip this one.

This is on the blazing fast ring…

Anybody else have a crazy Windows 10 Build 10049 experience? Let us know.