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    Default ECUADOR Remapping

    Been looking at getting my car remapped and been looking at prices and there is a big difference in price from £250 to £500 just for the remap, are there good and bad remaps or are some people just making a huge profit on remaps?



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    Default Re: ECUADOR Remapping

    The cheap ones are usually generic maps they get done - you can buy the kit yourself for a lot of cars now and just pay someone to do the tweaking of the map for you.

    I had one that was way too aggressive down low and tore the clutch apart in about 10k miles - the current one I had done at a place called Performance Torque down Birmingham way and they were great. He asks how you want it and then tweaks it accordingly and has a very good rep - I've done over 55k with the map now and it's been great.

    The only problem is you get used to it and then want more!

    Not sure what car you have but have a nosey into MPPS cables and see if they're suitable for you - it's what some of the cheap places use anyway.

    If it goes wrong though you could have a big issue - all depends how confident you are I guess with that sort of thing?

    Thanks to reverend

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