Whoa, this is big! Microsoft confirmed their new Windows 10 partnership with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi earlier today, revealing that a few elite users will soon get a surprise.

A surprise in the form of the ability to install Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview on their Xiaomi Mi 4 devices. However, back then, the software titan said that some select users will be able to install the OS on their smartphones.

That is, to help with ideas and bug reports during development.

Fortunately, it seems that things are not going to be limited here, at all.

Xiaomi have [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] that they will be releasing this ROM pack on their forum very soon, allowing everyone a chance to deploy and test Windows 10 on this popular (and powerful) handset.

Meaning users will be able to enjoy the new mobile operating system without the need of purchasing a brand new Windows phone.

One to keep an eye on, this, and seeing just how many Xiaomi users try Windows 10 for Phones, even if in preview form. This could actually be the start of something big, if Microsoft manages to offer a streamlined and refined experience for Android users.