That should give enthusiasts plenty of time over the weekend to take the new version for a spin. The next Windows 10 for Phones preview version was, by some estimates, set for late last month.

But Microsoft apparently needed some extra time to test it out on all devices.

And now Gabriel, Aul, head of the Windows Insider program has revealed on Windows Weekly that the company plans on launching a new preview build of the mobile OS in the next couple of days — Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time to be exact.

This ties into the last report on the matter whereby the next Windows 10 for Phones build was expected to be released last this week.

Redmond has already confirmed that this preview version will be made available for an expanded range of Lumia smartphones, although the Lumia 930 flagship, once again, sits out due to a pesky bug.

And now Gabe has added another phone to the list, the Lumia Icon.

According to the Windows Insider chief, it came down to the new user interface being too small on these two devices, and hence the company decided to skip this second release for these two very popular smartphones.

Regardless, Friday promises to be a good day for Windows Phone enthusiasts, and people looking to see firsthand how the new mobile operating system is shaping up.

More on this in a few days.