Quite a fall from grace for one of the most popular software of all time. Microsoft’s grand plan to replace Internet Explorer with the Spartan web browser is slowly taking shape.

With luck, the company will be able to completely do away with IE.

But that’s for some time in the future.

Maybe via an update or something like that.

In Windows 10, though, users will be provided with both options, the two different browsers, Spartan and Internet Explorer. However the while the former is sure to take center stage, the latter will not be easily accessible.

And that means no icons or shortcuts either on the desktop or the taskbar for IE.

The development team [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] this in a statement today, revealing that unless users absolutely need Internet Explorer and go looking for the old browser, they will not come across it by mistake.

“We don’t know; we expect a transition time as customers migrate off IE-specific tech but don’t know how long it will take. IE won’t be pinned to the taskbar or to Start. You’ll be able to find it in Windows Accessories.”
Ah, the good old Windows Accessories.

Few could have imagined Internet Explorer finding a place there.

But that’s the future, and the way things are heading. IE will still be there as a legacy option in the new Windows 10, but as an unchanged version from the one that comes as default in Windows 8.1. This is to take care of any compatibility issues users may have regarding certain apps and services.