Movies/TV shows in brackets are what was on when I tested at 12pm today. - OMN Movies Drama - OMN First Comedy +2 - OMN Movies HD (Ride Along) - (Trailers as at 12pm) OMN Movies HD Action (movies had just finished, trailers started) - (Trailers) - (Trailers) (Arabic channel) (Trailers) - OMN Movies HD +2 (Shiver) - iTV choice - Starworld HD (Cougar Town) - Discovery Channel - E! HD - OMN First +2 (American Idol, think its 2014 season) - OMN First HD (US drama with Rosy O'Donnell) - OMN HD Arabic - Trailers - Trailers - OMN Movies Drama +2 (Emperor) - Playboy TV :-) - OMN HD Arabic - TCM - Unknown movie channel - Fashion TV - Trailers - Unknown movie channel - ID (Arabic dubbed US crime show) - CI (US crime show) - Animal Planet Trailers - arr - foreign drama - OMN Sports1HD - Wales vs RSA Rugby Trailers Trailers Trailers Trailers - iD TV (Mr Bean) - '1' (Foreign Drama) - Unknown movie channel (Jennifer Love Hewitt movie) Trailers Trailers Trailers Trailers (new movies) - Unknown movie channel (Gatsby - No Sound) Trailers OMN Movies Festival (Blind dude from Sneakers old movie) Unknown movie channel (Seven Psychopaths)

I'm assuming the trailers are movie channels awaiting a movie to start.